Friday, April 26, 2013

Tandom Workout Ideas

With the smell of spring in the air, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of a few exercise you can do with your dog. Your canine friend can be a great motivating personal trainer. Exercising with your dog can be highly motivating and rewarding. Find time about 3-4 days a week to play or exercise with you canine friend, and you will find that both of you will lose a little weight and gain a lot of energy.

Jogging or walking can work well for both of you––note that some breeds are better suited to running than others. Dogs with a lean build, deep chest and long muzzle tend to be best for running. Also, don't run with a dog until his skeleton is mature; prior to that, damage could occur.
Swimming is excellent for water loving dogs such as an Irish Water Spaniel. Swim a few laps with your pal. Keep an eye on your dog throughout the swim to ensure he isn’t struggling or having trouble while in the water. This is a good exercise for dogs with joint problems. However swimming is not for all dogs. If your dog does not feel comfortable in the water, don't put them in.
A slow bike ride with your dog by your side is a great way to help your dog expend some pent up energy. Keep an eye on your dog throughout the entire ride. Your dog is expending considerably more energy than you. Look for telltale signs that he/she is tired. Also be sure to take breaks for your dog as they need.
“Doga.” This is a portmanteau of yoga and dog–– it’s yoga with your dog. If there isn't a class in your area, check out instructional videos on YouTube and the rest of the web.
Dog games such as tug and fetch can be excellent exercise for your dog, but can be very uneventful for you. You can’t expect to raise your heart rate when Fido keeps bringing the ball back to you.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Using a Bike Leash to Exercise With Your Dog

Exercise to the dog is as important as it is to the owner. A dog bike jogger is very important because it enables both the dog and his owner to exercise while having fun at it.

Animal experts like breeders, veterinarians and also dog experts all agree that biking with the dog is one of the most efficient ways to exercise the dog. For a dog to be happy and well behaved, it is important that it exercises regularly.

The best thing with the dog bike leash is the fact that it lets the dog owner take control of the dog safely. When the dog is exercising, it is able to release energy which goes a very long way in improving on the overall performance.

In fact, research has shown and proved that dogs that are not very active tend to improve once exercise is introduced. With the modern day's environment being mostly urban, it is important for every dog owner to make sure that his/her dog is regularly exercised to be in a good state of both health and mind.

When exercising with your dog, it is important to put the following factors in serious consideration so that the whole exercise can be beneficial.

- Watch the dog closely for any signs of exhaustion.

This will help you in noticing when the dog is tired. This will act as your cue to stop the exercise. When you overdo the exercise, the dog does not enjoy which is not the intention in the first place. Exercising with your dog is supposed to be routine and it is therefore very important to make sure that she enjoys every exercise to the last bit.

- Avoid exercising during very hot days

It is also important to avoid dog bicycle exercising during very hot days because it makes the dog uncomfortable. After each and every exercise, you are also supposed to ensure that your dog has access to fresh cool water. It is also important to serve her with her most favorite meal after the exercise so that she can long for the next one.

When using the bike leash, it is also important to keep both hands on the bicycle when riding. You should also ensure that you always unleash a low attachment which will allow your dog to run or walk easily besides the bicycle. Just as with normal riding, it is also important to wear a helmet for your own safety.

The best thing with the dog bike jogger is the fact that it is able to attach to any bike. It also comes in different sizes for the different dog sizes for you to choose from. Safety for you and the dog is guaranteed because this jogger ensures that you do not get knocked off the bike by your dog and that the dog is always under your control.

All said and done, if you are looking on ways of exercising your dog, you need not look any further because this product will take care of everything. You and your dog will be spending wonderful moments exercising which will be very beneficial to both of you.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Perfect Exercise Solution

The K9 Cruiser bicycle leash is the perfect solution for keeping both you and your pet healthy.  It is easy to add and remove for your bicycle, and your dog will love the exercise, as well as keeping you company along your route.  Here is a pic of the K9 Cruiser in action,   Tim.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Afternoon Ride with 2 Great Danes

Biking with your dogs has never been easier! With K9 Cruiser your best friend can come along for the ride, no matter how small or large they may be. Watch these Great Danes tag along as I go for an afternoon ride in the park, and get some great exercise in the process.  Tim

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keeping your Dogs, Healthy and Happy

Healthy dogs need exercise, and a walk simply isn't aerobic enough for most of them. Jogging can use up some of the excess energy often leading to destructive behavior in the house or yard.

But not everyone likes to jog. I walk my dogs, but it isn't adequate for Dax, my 3-year-old Australian Shepherd. If she doesn't get more exercise, Dax is hard to live with. She paces, brings me toys to throw and generally makes a pest of herself.

Products are available that allow you to attach a leash to the bicycle. This keeps the dog away from the wheels and helps prevent accidents caused by holding the dog's leash in your hand on the handlebars.

I really enjoyed this article, and wanted share it with everyone.  It just goes to show that every dog needs their exercise, and a bike ride together is the perfect solution. Hope you guys enjoy it, and keep posted for more useful tips on keeping your dog healthy and happy.    Tim